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Is there a minimum age?

Seabreacher experience – Yes, our minimum age is 6 years old and a parent or guardian must check in with the child. Please remember the Seabreacher is a one-on-one trip so it’s only suitable for kids who are confident away from their parents and/or guardian.

Jetovator experience – All single seat participants must be 14 years of age. Maximum weight is 350 lbs. The pilot of the tandem Jetovator must be at least 18 years old and the passenger must be at least 6 years old. The combined weight must not exceed 400 lbs.

Can my friends or family spectate?

Yes. Your friends and family can spectate from the cliffs while you experience  your excursion.

Can I participate if I have an injury?

If you have any specific medical conditions such as breaks, fractures or if you suffer from back or neck problems, it is not recommended. Unfortunately if you are pregnant or have a serious heart condition we definitely do not recommend that you do either experience.

Is my trip weather dependent?

Yes. Kinezumi Water Sports’ operation can be affected by high swells; heavy rain or stormy conditions so we ask that you call to do a weather check 45 minutes before your trip is scheduled to depart.

Where do your trips depart from?

Presently our trips depart from #1 Coots Pond, St. George’s which is the same location as Tobacco Bay Beach.

How long does the trip last?

Both the Jetovator and Seabreacher experiences are for 15 minutes. There is a 5-7 minute safety briefing before each experience. Please check-in 30-45 minutes before your departure time.

Do I need to book in advance?

YES! Although not mandatory, early bookings are highly recommended all year round due to limited spaces available. To avoid disappointment please book early through our online booking form.

Why choose Kinezumi Water Sports?

Kinezumi Water Sports is the only place in Bermuda to offer a commercial tour in the Seabreacher X watercraft. You have the opportunity to take a ride in one and experience the thrill of diving and leaping for yourself! Your tour can be as mild or as wild as you want. It truly is an experience like no other!


Are they scary or claustrophobic?

The ride can be as mild or wild as you wish. An experienced pilot can give passengers a thrilling ride if that’s what they’re looking for. Most people find the cockpit to be surprisingly open feeling due to the large panoramic canopy and view ports. If a passenger feels claustrophobic, it is possible to operate the Seabreacher at full speed on the surface with the canopy in its open position.

Do they leak?

The cockpit and engine bay are kept 100% watertight with the aid of inflatable aircraft seals. If the pilot forgets to inflate the seals, there can be minor leaks, but any water in the boat is automatically pumped out via the cockpit and engine bay bilge pumps.

Can they operate in the ocean or surf?

They have been designed to operate in salt water as well as fresh water and are designed to handle moderate ocean conditions.

Can it capsize? What’s the maximum degree of rotation?

Yes, if the canopy is open it is possible to capsize the vessel, but it’s very stable and will self right. The Seabreacher can be rolled over as much as you’d like with the canopy closed, but can only roll 30 degrees with the canopy open.

Is there a way to escape from the inside if necessary?

Yes, there are handles and emergency pull pins on both the outside and inside of the Seabreacher so it can always be opened.

Can they sink?

No, the hull is constructed with enough flotation that it will always remain buoyant and level, even if the cockpit and engine bay are fully flooded. The water level in the cockpit would not exceed mid-waist level in such a situation, so water could be easily pumped out and the vessel re-floated.

What happens if the pilot dives too deep?

Because the Seabreacher is positively buoyant, it needs speed in order to dive, which means the engine needs to be running, and the engine needs fresh air to breathe. The moment the pilot dives too deep, the engine’s air supply is cut off and the engine immediately loses power; therefore, it pops back to the surface. Sometimes it will pop up backwards if you try and dive too deep and too steep.

How deep can they dive?

About 5 feet for brief durations but generally they go just a few feet below the surface in order to keep the snorkel above the water.

How fast can they go?

The Seabreacher is capable of 65mph on the surface and up to 25mph under water!

Will I get wet?

Yes!  During the summer months, it gets very hot in the cockpit with the canopy closed.  At least twice during your trip, the pilot will open the canopy and drive around to cool off and let some cool air in.  Swimwear is recommended.

Can I bring my camera/phone?

No! No loose items can be in your pockets or taken inside the craft during your trip.

What should I wear?

It is recommended you wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes, preferable bathing suits/trunks. You also may need to remove your footwear as per drivers request.

Is there a weight or height restriction?

Due to the cozy confines of the Seabreacher cockpit, we need to make sure that all our passengers can get in and out of the cockpit quickly and safely in the unlikely event of an emergency. Due to this there is a height restriction of 6” 2’. If you’re over the height restriction we would need you to come down to our operating berth prior to booking so one of our team can assess whether you will be comfortable in the craft. Please contact the Kinezumi Water Sports team if you are unsure whether to book or not.

Can I drive?

We only offer passenger rides. Due to the technicality of the Seabreacher’s controls, we don’t offer a self-drive option.


How much water pressure and water volume does it use?

Around 1,000 gallons of water flows through the Jetovator every minute. There is an average of 50 psi out of all three Jetovator nozzles, and about 80 psi out of the thrust adapter into the connecting hose. The water thrust coming out of the nozzles is high volume low pressure, so that you can actually safely put your hand under the flow of water.

How high does it go?

Up to 40 feet, but the Jetovator operator is in control of the height. So a beginner can cruise on 2 feet above the water if that is where they are comfortable.

How long is the hose?

The hose is 60 feet. This keeps the Jetovator a safe distance from the jet ski while minimizing weight to the hose.

How long does it take to learn to fly?

The average person is up and flying in less than 5 minutes.

Does there have to be someone on the Jet Ski?

There does have to be an operator on the jet ski to control the throttle and to direct the ski. 20% of the thrust is directed out of the rear of the thrust adapter, so the jet ski operator retains some of the steering capacity.

What is it made out of?

The Jetovator frames are made of powder-coated aluminum and the body is made of an impact resistant polyethylene.

How does it work?

The Jetovator redirects the water thrust from the jet unit of the Jet ski along a sixty foot hose to the Jetovator Bike. This water thrust is then used to propel and elevate the Jetovator into the air. The sixty-foot connecting hose is attached to the PWC via a thrust adaptor that redirects the jet thrust 180 degrees towards the front of the PWC. This thrust adapter can be easily installed and removed, allowing the PWC to still be used as normal.

What is the Jetovator?

The Jetovator is a flying water sport propelled bike that hooks up to a jet ski.

Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari FAQS

Is this demo FAQ for Jet Ski & Snorkel Safari?

Yes, it is.

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Is this demo FAQ for Banana Boat?

Yes, it is.

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The shark ride was amazing! This is my first time in Bermuda and I saw the shark on instagram and was dying to do it. It is definitely worth the time and money! Would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for such a memorable experience!

Katherine B., (Louisiana)

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